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Plug -in#

Create plug -in#

ArkIDPlug -in#

1.Click on application management in Arkid-Application List-Local application,Click to develop and proxy,Jump to ArkStore


2.Click on the developer in ArkStore-Plug -in management-Warehouse management,Gitee warehouse or ZIP compressed package where the plug -in is located



Name must be filled,Select one of the warehouse branch and upload file

3.If you choose the GITEE method to create a warehouse,And the warehouse is a private warehouse,You need to authorize the return to your gitee warehouse,Public GITEE warehouse and zip compressed package method can skip this step
Click to authorize BbbAUU.png

Jump to gitee BbbGoH.png

Consent authorization BbbV2q.png

4.Import plug -in, After the plug -in is imported, it will be displayed in the plug -in package management
Click to import plug -in BbbAUU.png

Plug -in package management BbbhG9.png

5.Set price,Please see SeePrice rule
Click to set the price Bbb8tY.png

Set price BbbKj4.png

6.Submit review


7.After the dragon returns the audit,The plug -in is completed,All ARKID users can see the plug -in in their plug -in store。