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Plug -in development#

What is the plug -in?#

The main purpose of the plug -in is to meet the user's personality needs as much as possible,And prevent ARKID's own products from being too high and too high。

The plug -in is an independent Python module。

What can I do in my plug -in?#

The plug -in can use Django and Django-Except for the complete function used by Ninja framework,

ArkIDDefine or provide the following functions for plug -in:

  • Custom new API,Or update the kernel API
  • Custom new back -end routing,Front -end routing,Front -end page
  • Custom new Django Model,Or expand the niche original Model
  • Customize new events (Event),Or listen to the kernel event
  • Custom PIP dependencies
  • Custom configuration
  • Custom document
  • Custom language package

How to develop plug -in?#

CLONE of Arkid's warehouse to locally,existextension_rootAdd a folder in the directory,This folder is the main catalog of the plug -in。 Add in this directory document,Plug -inmaindocument。

exist extension_root In the directory,Officially provided multiple default plugins,They are all good examples。

More teaching,reference [Novice Tutorial:Develop the first plug -in] (%20 Develop the first plug -in/)

Want to share or sell your plug -in?#

Officially provided a plug -in store,Developers can put the plug -in github private warehouse link orzip packageUpload,You can share or sell your plug -in。

Specific tutorial reference:[Plug -in release] (%20 Test and release/release/)

need help?#

You need any help,You can contact us at any time by mail,email

Can also be belowCommentor [github forum] ( Ask us to ask us questions or leave a message。