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ArkID : Enterprise IDAAS/IAM platform system#

  • Rich plug -in,Quickly build an exclusive IDAAS/IAM platform
  • Easily integrate all your applications
  • Unified identity,Certification,Permissions management system

Official website Official IDAAS Official document



Plug -in#

  • Based on PLUG-IN plug -in and scalable underlying application architecture
  • You can add new functions to the main program without changing the subject program

Unified directory#

  • Realize the centralized security storage of corporate organizational structure and massive personnel information
  • Multi -dimensional establishment corresponding relationship,Security integration enterprise identity data source
  • Realize on a platform to corporate personnel、Organization、Efficient and unified management of application information

sign in#

  • You can access all working systems through a set of user names and passwords
  • Support such as OIDC,Oueth2,CAS,Suml2 and other single -point login protocols
  • Support various types of own or non -standard protocols through plug -in orientation
  • Support the method of filling in the accounts through the browser plug -in

Account life cycle#

  • Realize the transfer of staff/The automatic circulation of the identity information of organizational structure changes in different application systems
  • Effectively improve account configuration efficiency,Short management time of 90%
  • Increase audit efficiency

Multi -factor certification#

  • Support mobile phone,Mail,human face,fingerprint,Various authentication factors such as code scan code
  • Support graphics verification code,Various secondary certifications such as dynamic verification code
  • Support WeChat,Nail,Corporate WeChat and other third -party certifications
  • Intelligent evoking the authentication rules of different combinations according to different business scenarios and security needs


  • Support RBAC,ABAC permissions management
  • Support authority data is uniformly entered,Storage and allocation
  • Unified authority verification,Support third -party permission system integration

Concentrated approval#

  • Support custom approval action
  • Support docking third -party approval system

data synchronization#

  • Support SCIM protocol,Cross -system synchronization user and organizational architecture data
  • Support to include users,Organization,Certification,Various data synchronization of permissions
  • Support the synchronization of multiple three -party systems in various combinations,If the HR system data is synchronized to the AD or LDAP service

security audit#

  • Real -time records of all request behaviors of users and administrators
  • Support log reading to third -party data analysis or security analysis system
  • Support the chart of the third -party data analysis system directly in the system
  • Support the security analysis system to intervene in certification rules and certification results,Intelligent control of safety


  • Comes with web page
  • Support all kinds of applets,Mobile client
  • The plugin can display the page without writing the front code

Cloud Native#

  • Support docker development
  • Support docker,K8S containerization deployment

Low code development framework#

  • Expand OpenAPI,Make the front -end page drive from the back -end configuration
  • Quickly build page prototypes
  • Support custom CSS theme

Plug -in and App Store#

  • Support developer shared sale plug -in
  • Support Saas application pseudo -localization
  • Support agent agent and division