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ArkIDAll events in the system can trigger webhook calls outside。

Click to create,You can configure the webhook call corresponding to an event,The parameters related to this incident are sent by JSON。

Each webhook,You can view its call history and try again。

  • List Click the menu "Extension>Webhook" xavgl4.jpg

  • create Click the menu "Extension>Webhook>create" xaxfgg.jpg

  • edit Click the menu "Extension>Webhook>Choose a record>Click Edit" xaxzr9.jpg

  • delete Click the menu "Extension>Webhook>Choose a record>Click to delete" xazKat.jpg

  • history record Click the menu "Extension>Webhook>Choose a record>Click historical record" xazdI0.jpg

Event list#

Display all events in the ARKID system。

  • List Click the menu "Extension>Event list" xazhi6.jpg


ArkIDAll interfaces include the interface document of the plugin。

  • Documentation Click the menu "Extension>API documentation" xdStSO.jpg