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arkidKernel use AGPL-3.0 Open source protocol,You can use it at random in the condition of keeping open source。

If you don't want to follow the open source agreement,Then you need to obtain official business authorization。The following consultation service,Metropolitan business authorization。

Support range#

In order to use in the development stage and production environment ArKID The company provides original business support。

Service Content#

Service support includes architecture review、Code review、troubleshooting、diagnosis、suggestion、Upgrade and security patch,To ensure that the Arkid's normal operation。

If you have modified the core of Arkid,Or have custom plugins,It is recommended to buy a high -end version,So that we can understand these changes and position and solve the fault faster。

Standard version High -end version
Commercial authorization
Recommendation mode Critical business Critical business Close communication
Operation and maintenance deployment
Fault investigation -
new version update -
Performance tuning -
technical consulting&Answer questions
Architecture review
Code review -
Support method Email\WeChat Email\WeChat\Phone
Support time operating hours(5x8h) Sd 24h
Response time SLA 8 Hour high:30 minute;middle:1 Hour;Low:24 Hour
Technical support contact person 1 2
Technical support manager -
Inspection -
Gift additional development support time - 5 people


According to different service levels,Tolls are based on annual subscriptions。Beyond the duration of development support in the package,Extracted payment。

Standard version: 50000 Yuan/year

High -end version: 120000 Yuan/year

Development support: 3000 Yuan/Heavenly