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APIWhen the interface needs to be returned error,Call seld.error method

Plug -in developers need to write their own error file,Error codes and error messages that use enumeration parameters packaging plugins Unity in a place that needs to be returned,Call seld.error The specific enumeration object that needs to be prompted in,This method returns to the encapsulated error message dictionary
from enum import Enum
from arkid.core.translation import gettext_default as _

class ErrorCode(Enum):

    USERNAME_PASSWORD_MISMATCH = ('10001-1', _('username or password not correct', 'wrong user name or password'))
    CONTACT_MANAGER = ('10001-5', _('contact manager', 'Accident,Please contact the manager'))
    USERNAME_EMPTY = ('10001-6', _('username empty', 'User name is empty'))
    ALL_USER_FLAG_LACK_FIELD = ('10001-7', _('fill in at least one user ID', 'All user logos fill in at least one'))
    FIELD_USER_EXISTS = ('10001-8', _('fill in at least one user ID', '{field}Fields and already some users repeat'))
    PASSWORD_STRENGTH_LACK = ('10001-9', _('password strength lack', ' Insufficient password strength'))
    TWO_TIME_PASSWORD_MISMATCH = ('10001-10', _('two time password mismatch', 'Different passwords input differently'))
    OLD_PASSWORD_ERROR = ('10001-10', _('old password error', 'The old password does not match'))
    return self.error(ErrorCode.USERNAME_PASSWORD_MISMATCH)

If normal return value,Call self.success Come back

    def api_function(self.request):
        return self.success({'key':value})