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Longgui Technology#

The domestic software industry is large but not strong#

Although the Chinese software industry starts late,But development so far,We already have a nearly trillion -dollar market size and nearly 8 million practitioners。But what is not commensurate is,The research and development of domestic software is always in the low -end position of the related industrial chain。

Any market or business,In essence, the source of formation is the needs of customers。Software companies, as Party B, are meeting customer needs,This industry presents completely different characteristics。

Software market,Customers can be divided into several levels by paid ability:Government and public institutions、Large state -owned enterprises and private enterprises、Medium -sized enterprise、Small and micro enterprise、personal。

First category——Government and public institutions,Because the central government encourages and supports the information industry,And give these institutions in full space in the budget,Government and public institutions have strong paid capacity,Occupy the entire market。 Supported by local governments and public institutions,In the early days of the software industry development, a large number of local software companies,Lay the foundation for the software industry。 But due to its stable customer relationship,Make it lack of enthusiasm for R & D investment。And due to its strong regional character,Will fight each other。At the same time to reduce costs,Such software companies are more willing to use mature business solutions abroad,It also indirectly allows customers to purchase some expensive overseas software products。

Second category——Large state -owned enterprises and private enterprises,Its market -oriented operation method is less affected by policies in demand。But due to the huge internal enterprise,Fine division of labor,Complex business processes、unique,This type of customer's demand for software shows a highly customized characteristics,Can't reduce costs by purchasing existing products,You can only organize the development team to customize。 Around these large enterprises to reduce the cost of employment costs,A group of software companies were also born,It can be regarded as a technical outsourcing company for large enterprises。The internal development team of large enterprises exists for the purpose of meeting application needs such as enterprise processes,Loen the use of conservative technical solutions,Technological innovation research and development is not the element of priority consideration。

Third category customer——The edge departments of medium -sized or large enterprises,Its scale cannot support the cost of custom software,Often buy ready -made products,Build its business process again,They are the mainstream consumers of domestic software products。In the market of this customer group,Software companies present a fierce competition state。In addition to a few areas with strong professional or policy barriers,Can produce one or two strong men,Other category software is severe homogeneity。 Internal software protection of software companies is relatively weak,May use pirated software,And did not comply with the rules to use the open source code。This method is conducive to software companies with a certain market position to continue to consolidate their market position,And kill later innovators。With the pressure of the rising show,Over -interest companies tend to invest more resources to maintain their business relationships,Non -technology。

Category 4——Small and micro enterprise,There are many quantities、The payment capacity is relatively weak,You can only use free or extremely low -price rental software,This constitutes the current situation of the domestic SaaS software market.。And SaaS software companies can not get health cash flow with even bring,It has caused it to stop at the R & D level。 SaaSDue to its professionalism,Unable to imitate personal software through e -commerce、game、Advertising and other business model monetization。And once SaaS companies want to expand to the field of medium -sized enterprises,Facing the above -mentioned fierce competition status quo,Most startup SaaS companies cannot bear this price。 Even if a few SaaS companies have capital blessings,Grab the next piece of meat from the existing market,Still falling into the business and cannot be further expanded、The embarrassing situation of capital cannot be obtained,Enterprises still have to return to the old road that has to invest a lot of resources to maintain market relations。In this situation,The R & D department will become a cost center rather than a profit center。SaaS companies are mostly startups,Its core backbones are mostly from technical products such as technical products,They have the willingness to make technological progress,If you have a chance,It will be the backbone of technological progress。

Fifth category,Personal software field,Attract users for free,E -commerce、game、Advertising changes traffic,This is the home of Internet companies。However,Internet giants are pursuing market share and profit returns,Hard hoarding a lot of technical talents,Innovation,In particular, technological innovation contains greater risks,In the short term, the capital return is difficult to measure,As a result, large Internet companies will also be conservative,Focus on the commercialization of the main business。

The domestic software industry is always at the result of the low -end industrial chain,The profit growth of the entire industry does not rely on technological innovation to create,It is the scale that seriously relies on manpower,Need to expand the scale of labor and extend the time of labor。This situation brings real software producer workers,include:product、design、Develop、Test,Can not obtain the income growth brought by the industry's development。

This can be seen,The existing business model of the entire software industry(Relations of production)Has become technological progress(Productivity development)Restraint。There is a possibility here,Or a trend、One force,Want to reshape the production relationship(Industrial revolution),To meet the needs of productivity development。

By analyzing the domestic software industry,You can find these problems:

  • Lack of a market with free resource flowing
  • Software producers rely on time rather than technology innovation drive,The scale of the business scale depends on the number of stacking personnel
  • Product homogeneity is serious,Cause malicious competition
  • Poor paid capacity of small and micro enterprises,Low paid willingness
  • Monopoly of Internet platform
  • Intellectual property protection is weak

After eliminating the factors that are not conducive to technological progress,Enterprises or individuals participating in production and transactions are new market opportunities,And the element of technology is liberated,You can be a promoting innovation、New driving driving force for productivity development,Realize industrial changes。

Promoting the overall change of the software industry needs to change production relations,Create a new possibility of connection#

The change in the taxi market provides us with ideas。Taxi app by the driver、Passengers integrate on the same platform to complete the transaction directly,Destroy information barriers,Successfully promoted industry changes through market changes。If the software industry can open up consumers and producers,Establish a national software market,I believe it can achieve the same effect。

Unlike the service provider in the taxi market, it is as simple as the driver,The software industry is much more complicated。Software Products、The service faces the ever -changing personalized needs,And many people need to cooperate to complete。this means,Organizing producers is a necessary condition for forming a unified market。

The current software producers are scattered in various enterprises,Whether it is a product、design、Develop,The communication between them is very limited。

In the organization of the producer,The relatively mature software market in Europe and the United States is a good reference。Enterprise wants to land a IT project,Often do you first connect to consulting enterprises,Dedicated or excavated by these companies,Then the professional implementation enterprise is responsible for landing the demand,Such implementation companies will purchase various basic software upstream,Including development tools、operating system、Database et al。Implementation enterprises can also be traded with each other,Including functional modules and mature products, etc.。After the development,The professional test enterprise is responsible for acceptance and acceptance。

This industrial chain division of labor,Let the implementation of the implementation of a layer of the customer no longer a pure sea tactics。Although people are still key factors,But at least get rid of software development is just a situation of physical labor。

There is no such structure in China,The core reason is that the cost advantage brought by the division of labor overseas is not worth the low labor cost in China.。At this point,Only further refine the division of labor,Expand the cost advantage caused by the cooperation of the industrial chain,Only producers will move towards the industrialization method that depends on each other。The interests of producers are consistent,You can get rid of the competition of the homogeneity of the product。

The same difference from abroad is,There are enough industrial groups in China to support the finer granular industrial division of labor,From this point of view,Compared with Europe and the United States, China has more advantages to complete industrial change deeper。

The cost of copying software products is almost zero.,Under the common role of the division of labor and unified market in the industrial chain,It's easy to fulfill the selling point with low price、Software market for small and micro enterprises,Even expand to the field of personal software。at this point,There are a lot of price of tens of yuan today、Hundreds of yuan WeChat Mini Program,This subdivision software market has already made a good demonstration。

in conclusion,To make the software industry a step forward upward,To solve the above problems,It is necessary to promote the following points:

  • Establish a national software product market,Let resources flow freely
  • Establish a software development market based on division of labor cooperation,If you consult、Research and development、design、Professional enterprises such as testing
  • Strengthen the connection between the upstream producers of the software industry chain,Turning competition into mutual assistance,For example, establish a source code trading market
  • Strengthen the cooperation of software products on the sales side,Reduce the agency threshold
  • Respect the results of each other,Strengthen the protection of innovative intellectual property rights

Every aspect of the above looks more difficult to achieve in the short term,But we can still see some technical trends,It's like the buds on the ground,Make these iron plates a crack,You can penetrate into new changes。for example:

  1. Unified identity

    Represented by OIDC,Establish a uniform standard agreement with unified identity certification,To reduce the cost of enterprise management software、The foundation of digitalization has laid the foundation,This derives a series of IAMs that build unified identity services/IDAAS Enterprise。

  2. Yunyuan

    Cloud native technology represented by Docker and K8S,Can greatly reduce the difficulty and cost of operation and maintenance implementation,It also has a clearer boundary in the division of labor and operation and maintenance of IT management and operation and maintenance,This gives the unified software market plan a technical foundation。There are a number of outstanding technical enterprises that build an enterprise cloud platform based on cloud native technology。

  3. Low code

    Web technology represented by Vue has recently developed and popularized,Web's excellent cross -platform capabilities have changed the software development process greatly,Many innovative enterprises have begun to explore in the field of low or no code。Although in the exploration stage,But the concept of low code is to further refine the division of labor、Reshaping the industrial chain provides a feasible direction。

  4. Open source movement

    Python,GoThe open source community of the language is challenging the original Java and.Net -based enterprise software market based on Net,Technology companies with open source as a business model are rapidly promoting technology popularization,Breaking the technical monopoly of large enterprises;They also establish standards at the same time,Promote the integration of the industrial chain,And become core forces。

The country's norms and guidance for the industry,We also see a series of measures to introduce a series of incentive industries。certainly,It is not enough to rely on government forces alone。The occurrence of the industrial revolution must be the result of the common promotion of many industries,Especially SaaS companies,As an emerging force,Unite,close co-opperation,Form an industrial chain,Grow up,Promote changes together。

Change,The entry point of Longgui Technology#

Longgui Technology is trying to do something,Arkid developed by Longgui Technology is a core project carried these ideas。On the surface,Arkid is a IDAAS product,It may look similar to the general unified identity product。But the difference lies in:

  1. Open source

    The reason why it is open source,The purpose is to share our products with all industry people。Developing any product requires identity module,Use ARKID to directly save development time。Arkid support privatization deployment,Whether it is self -use or as an independent IDAAS site,You can use it directly。

  2. Plug -in,And set up a plug -in store

    ArkIDMost functions rely on plug -in to achieve。The flexibility of the plug -in can meet the user's various personalized needs,Reduce implementation cost。All ARKID users can upload the plug -in they developed to the plug -in store to share or sell with partners,And the implementation can be used to buy these plug -in directly than the cost below direct development。

  3. Built -in SaaS App Store

    ArkIDBuilt -in application store。Developers can create the entrance to the SaaS application through the official IDAAS platform,Whether it is the ARKID user whether it is privately deployed or the use of tenants,You can use your own ARKID account to log in to use SaaS software in the app store。Share users with Arkid's cooperative developers in this way。

  4. Open proxy rules

    Whether you are personal or enterprise,Is the way to use private deployment or tenants,You registered ARKID's account through any channel,All automatically become ARKID agents,To sell all products of plug -in and application stores at the agency price。

  5. Low -code development framework

    If you are a programmer,And interested in looking at ARKID's code,You may find this:We incorporate some ideas of low -code development in Arkid's development,And use these ideas to achieve the development framework。This is also an attempt to promote a more fine -grained industrial division of labor。If you are interested,Welcome to contact us to exchange。


If you are interested in what we are doing,Welcome to participate in the following forms:

  • Contribute Issue or code in the open source community
  • Submit a function plug -in in the plug -in store
  • Submit SaaS application in the application store
  • Become an agent to recommend ARKID to customers