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CASIt's Central Authentication Abbreviation of service,Central Certification Service。When a user visits the CAS authentication server,Request authentication。CAS certification service will check whether the user logs in。Go to log in if you don't log in,If you have logged in,CAS will issue a short -term TGT bill,And regatt it to the service address provided by developers。Then,The application connects CAS through a secure connection,And provide your own service logo and verification ticket。After that, CAS gave identity information about specific users

The entire certification process is shown in the figure:

graph LR
  A[start] --> B [Visit Login Page] --> C {Whether to log in}--> |Yes| D [Bring the bills jump to the service address]--> E [Use bills to obtain user information] --> F [End];
  C ---->|No| G[Log in!];
  G --> |login successful| D;


Create an application#

use Cas application#

  1. Place the login link on a third -party page that needs to be logged in

    Here you need to allow users to access the unified authentication of Arkid on the side。The service parameter is a callback address after Arkid certification。


    The page will automatically jump to log in


  2. After the login is successful, you will get a bill

  3. Obtain user information through the verification address

    A bill can only be used once,Service is the same as the previous login,If you succeed, you can get user information

    If you try to use the notes you have used

    You need to log in each time you get the bill and then use the bill to exchange for user information